Public Sector Finance Software

Public Sector Finance Portal

Public Sector Finance activities which are outside the function of the FMIS are offered as part of Isidore's Public Sector Finance Portal. A simplified central source of finance data and functions in a single product.

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Isidore CBMS

Budgeting Software for jurisdictions to consolidate multiple Departments/Ministries, set expenditure ceilings manage budgets, transfers and virements with live tracking of actuals from Finance software to conform with UN/IMF reporting standards.

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Isidore Budgeting

Budgeting and Planning Software for medium business, particularly Government. Easy to configure and use, web based software to create budgets with any number of participants, providing live financial statements.

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Our Software Enabled Public Sector Budget Planning Process:

  • Step 1 - Devise Macro Fiscal Framework
  • Step 2 - Submission of Budget Requests and Bids
  • Step 3 - Determination of Expenditure Ceilings
  • Step 4 - Submission of Budget Estimates
  • Step 5 - Approval of Budgets
  • Step 6 - Produce Budget Book and Papers
  • Step 7 - Preparation of Revenue and Expenditure Forecasts
  • Step 8 - Budget Execution and Management
  • Step 9 - Reporting and Analysis

Software that matches each step to capture and assist with the entire public sector budget process.

Proven to improve transparency and conform with donor reporting standards.

Isidore Public Sector Finance Portal Software provides a simplified single source for many finance activities:

  • Budgeting (internal and centralised)
  • Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Fringe Benefit Tax
  • Workflow
  • Reporting (Excel, PowerPivot and Business Intelligence)
  • Rapid Development of any organisational functions
  • A growing list of modules
  • Single sign-on, single source of data
  • Provides the CFO with complete visibility for accurate decision making

Centralise all data collection activities and give CFO currency and simlpicity of data and activities.

Give personnel easy to use systems that make then proactive rather than reactive.

Isidore Credit Card Application Software provides management of Applications and Cards:

  • Employee Portal allows self-service Applying for and Managing cards
  • Workflow of application process with tracker
  • Multiple Card Providers
  • Full integration with card providers and internal Employee data

Centralise data collection and management of Corporate Credit Cards.

Give personnel easy to use systems for self-service to reduce queries.